Welcome to the Ceramic Wikipedia

This project is the brain child of Simon Levin and Lloyd Cledwyn.  It is created with the help of the whole ceramic community.  The intent of a clay wikipedea is to serve a resource of information.  Here is how a wiki works.

Here you will find definitions of terms, lists of clay artists, descriptions of residency programs and academic schools.

Look around and perhaps more importantly contribute.  Your ideas will take this project in new directions.

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It is our hope this site will become a widely used tool, a tool that is sharpened and defined by its users.  In order to keep Wikiclay easy to use we do suggest some standard formatting.

In an effort to keep Wikiclay growing professionally we have created the role of Moderators.  Paying homage to professionalism we somehow were able to convince Kristen Kieffer to join the moderator team.  

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