Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University)




Joan Bruneau, Part-time faculty

Neil Forrest, Professor

Rory MacDonald, Assistant Professor

Walter Ostrom, Professor

Holly Walker, term sessional

Matt Wedel, term sessional


  • 5 high efficiency custom Blaauw kilns that are fully computer automated with manual provisions.
  • a vast selection of potters’ wheels, from various manufacturers
  • ConeArt electric kilns with Bartlett computer controllers (10 cu. foot -5, oval – 1) Two are dedicated for cone 6, four kilns for earthenware temperatures.
  • 3 test kilns
  • grinding station
  • 60 ton Ram press in a dedicated operating room with various steel die frames.
  • Computer controlled blunger for casting slip and ram blunger.
  • 2 plaster/clay drying booths.
  • Vertical shaft pug mill and 2 Ball mills.
  • 2 Soldner mixers, 2 Blue Bird mixers, horizontal shaft mixer and two casting slip mixers with on-board storage.
  • Pneumatic extruder and manual extruders.
  • slab rollers.
  • Walk-in or ‘open room’ spray booth – glaze capture screen( 2m x 3m)
  • Fully equipped glaze kitchen.
  • Glaze lab with digital scales.
  • Compressed air available throughout the department.


Rory MacDonald




Division of Craft

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