Peter Callas is a highly knowledgeable wood fire ceramicist specializing in the anagama kiln. He received a BFA from the University of Puget Sound located in Tacoma, Washington in the early 1970's. Later on he was an artist in residence at the Archie Bray Foundation

    Callas has spent over thirty-five years in clay. His work comes out of the abstract expressionism movement and this carries through in his sculptures as well as his prints and pots.  He has helped to broaden the understanding of firing an anagama for a longer period of time allowing for a different end product of the work.  Callas played a roll in the later stages of Peter Voulkos's life introducing wood firing to him. He would fire Voulkos's work in his kiln in New Jersey (1).  They also did some collaborative work together.  Callas is well known for his work and it can be found in museums and galleries through out the world. 



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